Your day starts with an abundant buffet breakfast – try our apricot marmalade made with our own fruit, and our plumcake (hot out of the oven).

We’ll amaze you with our delicious menus, including dishes whose smells and flavours satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Guests can select from a menu offering many local Ligurian specialties and daily fish, enriched with an assorted buffet of crudités (raw vegetables), tasty homemade desserts and fresh seasonal fruit.

Our cuisine is skillfully based on fresh, genuine, local ingredients. Many products enjoyed come from the farm (10,000 m2) run by grandpa Piero, including an excellent “Pigato and Rossese” DOC quality wine.

The farm is also home to the old “Gumbu” oil mill, owned in the past by the Marquis of Carretto. There used to be an old oil press and stone grindstone here; our family donated them to the City of Pietra Ligure, where they have been magnificently placed along the town’s promenade.

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